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House of Tabu

Tiki Exotique Tiki Mug

Tiki Exotique Tiki Mug

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Note: As House of Tabu is a small, boutique producer of hand crafted mugs, we are releasing these in small batches with a planned edition of just 100 mugs. We produce our mugs in multiple short runs and inner glaze colors vary and are selected at random. 

Our new Tiki Exotique Tiki mug is a vintage-styled drinking vessel glazed in a rustic brown with faint yellow highlights, all glazed by hand, making each mug unique. Comes with two House of Tabu swizzle sticks.

Tiki Exotique stands 8” tall and holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and was sculpted in-house by Ken Holewczynski.

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