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Lords of Atlantis Bundle

Lords of Atlantis Bundle

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Get both the debut Lords of Atlantis LP and compact disc at a special price.

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Lords Of Atlantis hail from a land lost to time. Though new to this realm, their music may seem strangely familiar to those who have glimpsed Atlantean echoes in bands such as Aqualads, The Madeira, and Insect Surfers. This noble band of musicians arrive to reveal more of the mystical rhythms and evocative reverberations of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Rising up from the depths of its member’s previous projects, the Lords of Atlantis’ self-title debut album further explores the new sound of surf and leads the way in the current wave of the genre. Rhythms swell with the driving backbeat while the ebb and flow of lead guitar hits you like a tidal wave. This lush and exotic debut is quite simply a tour de force in surf!

"Lords of Atlantis have released their long-awaited debut record, and where to begin? The much-anticipated band brings together guitarist Ivan Pongracic and drummer Dane Carter of The Madeira, guitarist Jeremy DeHart of The Manakooras and Aqualads, and bassist Jonpaul Balak of Surfer Joe and the Tikiyaki multiverse. With a lineup like that, it would be hard to miss, and the new album is as strong as one would expect from such great players."

- Dave Bagdade • Exotica Moderne Magazine

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