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House of Tabu

Exotica Moderne 22

Exotica Moderne 22

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Doug Horne kicks off this issue with an eye-popping cover and we’re thrilled to have his art grace Exotica Moderne once again.

This issue features an in-depth interview with Mark Riddle (aka Marty Lush) as he discusses his involvement in the exotica musical scene and the development of his album “Lahaina Sunset.” 

Shawn Gadberry showcases another “famous” person in the Tiki community - this time author and roving home Tiki bar traveller – Tiki Tom-Tom.

Kevin Quigley makes a stop in Cambridge, Massachusetts exploring the origins, food and cocktails at Wusong Road, while Anna Maria Sophia Cancelli showcases The Sorrow Drowner in Wilmington, North Carolina. Justin Cristaldi spends an evening at New York City’s newest escapist destination, Paradise Lost.

Kari Hendler says goodbye to the Pacific Northwest’s finest Tiki convention, Tiki Kon as they recently bid “Bon Voyage” to this staple event in the Tiki calendar.

Ray Wyland orders up pizza with a slice of Tiki at Chicagoland’s Kahala Koa, and Tiki Lindy blends Asian with classic American fare with new recipes in Tiki Tidbits.

“Tiki Tom” Duncan sets the way back dial to 1951 with a visit to Skipper Kents, in San Francisco in his Tiki Time Machine feature.

Finally, we showcase the home Tiki bar of Gregory Harte - The Sunken Schooner, purported to be along the treacherous shores of Lake Michigan.

All this and music reviews, cocktails and more!



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