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House of Tabu

Tabu Tabu Tiki Mug Orange Edition

Tabu Tabu Tiki Mug Orange Edition

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“Like a mysterious entity floating in a sea of darkness, I found myself face to face with a luminous idol, beckoning me to partake of a fine elixir. Drawn in by the glow of it’s visage, I soon shed any inhibitions and embraced all that was tabu.”

With a striking orange glaze, we are excited to offer a limited edition of our popular Tabu Tabu Tiki mug. The mug stands approximately 5” high and holds 16 ounces of your favorite cocktail or even a caffeinated beverage. Tabu Tabu comes with a pair of House of Tabu swizzle sticks.

The mug features red jewels set in the ears and a twine wrap around the base. Tabu Tabu will make your drinks gleam in the shadows of your home bar!

Our mugs are handmade right here at the House of Tabu and we’re proud to produce them here in the USA. Due to the nature of making and glazing mugs by hand, each one will have slight variations and adds to the uniqueness of each one.

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