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House of Tabu

Exotica Moderne 23

Exotica Moderne 23

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Exotica Moderne takes on a decidedly mod look with this issue’s cover by David “McBiff” McNeley. Inside we interviewed McBiff where he traces his journey from being inspired by art to becoming one of Tiki’s most notable artists.

Long-time Editor Jay Mize paid a visit to Palm Springs and gives his insights to The Reef, Tonga Hut and Bootlegger Tiki in his article “Tiki Times 3 In Palm Springs.”

Ray Wyland interviews Niki, a Hungarian mug designer and maker, along with a feature on her family’s bar, the Rumpus Tiki Bar in Budapest. As long as we’re traveling through Europe, Monica Sy recently attended the Oslo Tiki Weekend and she gives us a great feature on this event. The Oslo Tiki Weekend prominently features noted Exotica artist, Ìxtahuele and we also had the opportunity to discuss the band’s latest album.

To cap off our Eurocentric articles, our Private Oasis feature this time is Sue and Dave Wright’s stunning home bar in from Southampton, Hampshire, England.

The age-old question of just what is up with the fez, is the subject of Anna Maria Sophia Cancelli’s article “The Fabulous Fez,” and Kevin Crossman makes a stop at San Fransisco’s venerable dive Tiki bar, Trad’r Sam to check up on the recent updates there.

Shawn Gadberry showcases probably one of the most famous persons in the Tiki community - Otto von Stroheim. Otto and his wife Baby Doe really need no introductions and we are happy to once again showcase their contributions to the Tiki community.

Tiki Lindy serves up delicious three seafood recipes in this edition of Tiki Tidbits and Justin R. Cristaldi travels to Curaçao to experience the cocktails with mixologists Job van Brug and Aresenio Reina. 

All this and music reviews, original cocktail recipes and more!

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