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Exotica Moderne 19 Special Edition

Exotica Moderne 19 Special Edition

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Issue 19 of Exotica Moderne features the beautiful and enchanted work of Japan’s Mookie Sato - both inside and out! His first-ever cover for a magazine graces this issue, while Monica Sy traveled to Japan to hang out with Mookie! Monica features a pair of great stories, one focusing on Mookie and his work while the second is a quick trip to three Tiki bars in Japan -  Trader Vic’s, The Kazan Room and Tiki Bar Headhunter.

As long as we’re world traveling, we also feature the work of Brazil’s Henrique San and take a look at his Mid-Century styled art. Justin R. Cristaldi continues our southern-most Tiki adventures in Cartagena, Columbia.

Tiki Lindy supplies us with a taste of Brazil as well, with some mouth-watering recipes and a riff on the national drink of Brazil - the Caipirinha.

Then we circle back home and the to the heart of the Midwest and visit the new Tiki Underground in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Owners Sean and Jessie Coffey have opened the second incarnation of their popular Tiki bar and to commemorate their accomplishment, we’re showcasing their new digs with both a feature and this special edition includes a papercraft model you can cut out and assemble.

Tiki With Ray returns with an opinion piece on the popularity of Tiki bars verses tropical locales while Tiki Tom Duncan swings us back to Julian’s in Ormond Beach, Florida, circa 1969.

Musically, David Gasten gives an in-depth look at Skip Heller’s most recents works and Jeff Chenault goes back in time covering the re-release of works by Korla Pandit.

And, Diane Lapis stops in at two east coast spots, Fuschia Tiki and Jet Set Tiki to round of our world-wide tour of Tiki.

And as usual, music reviews, cocktail recipes and more!

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